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Finding the Right School Facility and Affording It 

The Context: Inequitable access to quality school facilities  Throughout the country, most charter school organizations obtain permanent school facilities without a supporting tax base, government credit ratings, or full access to available properties.  High-poverty communities and neighborhoods of color have less access to capital and networks of support. This can make the process of opening… Continued

Strategy and Implementation Planning for System Improvement

The Context: Advocacy leads to legislation Like most states, Minnesota needed a strategy for providing high-quality early care and education to all families. They wanted a system that was equitable, affordable, and accessible to everyone. Coordinated advocacy led to bipartisan support for a law establishing The Great Start for All Minnesota Children Task Force. The… Continued

Strategic Investment to Stabilize the ECE Workforce: Illinois’s Smart Start Workforce Grants 

The Context: Low compensation creates challenges with educator recruitment and retention  Nationwide, early care and education (ECE) staff are drastically under-compensated for the important work they do, with an average wage of about $14/hour. Low compensation means child care programs struggle to recruit and retain qualified staff. When providers reduce their capacity or close due… Continued