Early Childhood

Afton has significant expertise in early childhood education and care funding and governance matters. Our work supports initiatives led by state agencies and cities looking to make lasting investments in young children and families. Our services include stakeholder facilitation, cost modeling, data analytics, and funding policy support.

Areas of Expertise

Early Childhood

Cost Modeling

Afton’s cost modeling for early childhood provides views of costs for the education and care of children in high-quality settings across the mixed delivery system.

Task Force Facilitation

Meaningful policy and systems change requires stakeholder input, buy-in, and ultimately ownership. Afton believes that engaging stakeholders in this work early and in an effectively organized way leads to better policy decisions and more efficient implementation. Afton’s unique combination of financial expertise and public sector experience enables us to provide effective stakeholder facilitation services that lead to state and local-level policy decisions.

Funding Policy

Afton is highly adept at developing analytical frameworks and data-driven approaches to support early childhood funding policy initiatives and engagement activities. Our past analytics have included federal relief funding analyses, funding adequacy modeling, and regional and local views of equity and access.