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Dan Hegner

Senior Associate

  • Biography

Dan is a Senior Associate at Afton supporting K-12 and early childhood education projects. Dan brings strong quantitative and qualitative data skills to inform how states and school systems can more equitably allocate resources. After working in an underserved school in Washington D.C. he has been committed to using his skills to reduce economic and racial inequalities in public education.

Prior to joining Afton, Dan spent seven years as a housing and community development consultant where he helped states and nonprofits better implement their Housing and Urban Development (HUD) programs. He honed his data analytics skills while supporting projects to manage and improve HUD data systems. He worked with the Maine’s Department of Education to help evaluate innovative educational practices in K-12 schools. Dan also partnered with Veteran’s Education Success to develop policy solutions to reduce predatory recruiting tactics from higher education institutions.

Dan received his Master’s Degree in Public Policy at American University and his Bachelor’s Degree at Oberlin College.