Jugnu Gupta

Senior Associate

  • Biography

Jugnu joined Afton in 2021.  Her work has focused on driving strategic growth using financial planning, insight and analysis.

Jugnu has over 12 years of experience in leading and managing B2B business value.  As an Analytics Manager at GHX, she built actionable ROI and financial models for SaaS solutions which resulted in significant improvement to the bottom line. In addition, she developed a data driven industry savings model which linked corporate goal to customer savings and identified $5B of value creation over 5 years.

Jugnu also developed and trained commercial teams on customer value methodology, designed an interactive digital customer value tool, and established best in class client KPIs and benchmarks to measure and evaluate client value, success and transformation.

Jugnu believes in a collaborative approach when developing analytical solutions. Her work style focuses on working with insights from interdisciplinary stakeholders and industry analysts, incorporating learning from best practices, converting technical functionality into business value drivers, and driving success through an iterative design process. She thrives on cross-functional collaboration and developing solutions that enhance client value and strategic growth.

Jugnu has an MBA from the University of Michigan and is currently serving as Co-President on the Women in Business Alumni Group.