At a recent conference hosted by AEI and the Fordham Institute, experts, including Afton’s Scott Milam, gathered to share their thoughts on how to “Get the Most Bang for the Education Buck”. Through three panel discussions, the experts unpacked topics such as the “why” behind funding and budget challenges, how to stretch the school dollar, and finding a path forward to do the most good for students.

Afton is composing a chapter for the upcoming volume, which is being released by Rick Hess and AEI, on how to sustain investments in education technology in the long term.  Some of the key points addressed in this chapter include how schools choose to invest their limited funds to successfully implement technology, and how they fund these investments.  Among other important points, Milam highlighted that best practice schools and districts choose to invest in people through positions and effective professional development, while developing a long term plan to identify opportunities to support those investments.

A video recording of the discussion can be found here.  For those wishing to take a deeper dive into the topic, AEI and the Fordham Institute will be releasing an edited volume in the fall of 2020, to which Afton was a contributor.