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K-12 Education Systems

Our team is comprised of school district and education agency practitioners: we have been teachers, central service administrators, and executive office staff. We successfully address a wide range of challenges facing the K-12 sector because we bring our unique mix of relevant experience and technical expertise to each opportunity. Our team understands that the best processes center the people who will be most impacted by our work, and we ask the right questions to raise up local solutions. We produce actionable plans in pursuit of improved outcomes in public school systems and state education agencies.

Our approach intentionally combines collaborative planning, meaningful engagement, and deep data analysis, applying our expertise in strategic thinking and aligned resourcing.

Areas of Expertise

K-12 Education Systems

Collaborative Planning

We are planners at heart, and work best when we co-create those plans with our clients. We are adaptable, knowing that every good plan requires contingencies, and are by your side at each turn to navigate unforeseen circumstances. We support alignment of goals and resources through the co-development of value propositions and guiding principles, steering decision-making throughout our partnership. We think strategically, co-designing creative solutions with both the near- and long-term in mind, and with a focus on implementation and the change management necessary to achieve success.

Meaningful Engagement

We support stakeholder engagement across the entire life cycle of change management processes, from ideation, through implementation, and toward sustained community partnership. We believe that solutions are found in the community and are uncovered when stakeholders are engaged. We build trust by valuing the lived experiences of individuals and families and by centering a common goal of improving outcomes for students, especially those students who are furthest from opportunity. We support in making meaning of what we learn by incorporating findings from our robust research capabilities, adding critical context to our expertly facilitated conversations with stakeholders.

Strategic Resourcing

We have a deep understanding of the roles that systems analysis and aligned strategic resource allocation play, and how to apply that understanding to gain insight on priorities, challenges, and solutions. We design with stakeholders and systems in mind, producing cost modeling, resource allocation proposals, and other central insights in their proper context to be more fully understood. We respect the intricate challenge of communicating information accurately, clearly, and with proper nuance, and support in efforts that empower all stakeholders to access and engage in fact-based discussion.

Deep Data Analysis

We see data analysis as the necessary foundational element for every other component of our work, establishing common understanding across stakeholders to inform careful decision-making. We apply systems-level thinking and sophisticated analytics to tackle seemingly intractable problems. We approach each challenge with an open mind, conducting both quantitative and qualitative data collections and analyses to discover core truths and help our clients and their stakeholders tell their stories.

Funding Policy Design

We are national experts in funding policy design for school systems and states.