Our Services

Our Services

At Afton, we work with state education agencies, public school districts, charter operators, universities, and education advocates to provide a wide range of financial and operational guidance. Since 2011, we have worked with organizations and education leaders to align finance with operational strategies – to sustain effective academic initiatives. Our work can be categorized into four major service areas: Sustainability Planning; Funding Adequacy, Equity and Transparency; Governance & Leadership; and Innovative Models & Programs.

What We Do


Sustainability Planning

Whether your organization is in start-up, growth, stabilization, or decline, Afton provides financial expertise to ensure your resources are allocated in alignment with strategic priorities that are financially viable in the long-term.

Innovative Models & Programs

Since our inception in 2011, Afton has been the national thought leader in financial planning for education innovation. Afton works with Districts, Charter networks, State Education Agencies, funders, and other stakeholders to deeply understand how innovative education models and strategies can be developed and implemented in a financially sustainable way.

Funding Adequacy, Equity and Transparency

Afton provides advisory and analytical services that improve the potential for fiscal adequacy, equity, and transparency within education funding structures. A primary goal of this work is to evaluate the level of funding schools need to equitably serve all learners, and then putting in place the policies and systems to support this.

Governance and Leadership

Afton provides advisory services state agencies and local school systems that strengthen financial governance and leadership. Our work includes stakeholder facilitation on funding equity and fiscal transparency matters that shape state and local policy. We also advise school systems on best practice financial governance and strategic CFO leadership.

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