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Our Services

Our Services

At Afton, we work with state agencies, public school systems, funders, and advocates to provide a wide range of funding, governance, and operational guidance. Since 2011, we have worked on over 150 public sector initiatives, building capacity within school systems and government agencies to align funding policy and practice with envisioned change. Our work spans the areas of early care and education, K-12 public school systems, and workforce systems.

What We Do


K-12 Education Finance

Afton partners with state education agencies and public school districts nationwide on funding policy and fiscal transparency initiatives.

Early Childhood Education and Care

Afton brings its expertise in ECE funding, and governance to support state and local agencies to make lasting investments in young children and families, especially those most in need.  Our work has included leading multiple state-wide task forces and commissions in the design of equitable and sustainable ECE services.

Workforce Development

Afton believes that every person who wants to work should have access to a career that offers stability, fulfillment, and dignity. And that the workforce development field can (and should!) be (re)structured to achieve these goals. Through our work, we aim to move the field beyond its “second chance” status and establish it as a premier destination for all.

Charter School Finance

Afton is the nationwide leader in charter school financial planning services. We have worked with more than 70 charter networks of all sizes, from single-site operators just getting started to the largest charter school organizations in the country. Our work with charter schools improves school resource allocation decision making, informs school facility and school growth planning, and strengthens leadership and governance on fiscal matters.

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