Sustainability Planning

Whether your organization is in start-up, growth, stabilization, or decline, Afton provides financial expertise to ensure your resources are allocated in alignment with strategic priorities that are financially viable in the long-term.

Areas of Expertise

Sustainability Planning

Long term financial planning

While annual budgeting is commonplace in education organizations, long-term financial planning is not. Afton believes long-term financial planning is of critical importance to ensure the best use of limited resources. Afton engages with districts and networks to develop long-term planning capabilities, including user-friendly processes and models. This is particularly important for education organizations facing significant changes in enrollment.

Budget development

While we promote long-term financial planning, Afton understands that smart, aligned annual budgets are a critical enabler to a smooth and successful academic year. We work with all levels of organizations to understand annual priorities, develop plans for strategic use of all funding sources, and coach decision-makers through difficult prioritization decisions to meet annual goals.

Liquidity planning and cash flow monitoring

We often stress the importance of cash management and planning for reducing organizational risk. We believe that rigorous, diligent cash planning is a mechanism for networks to communicate their stability, trustworthiness, fiscal responsibility and financial resilience to key stakeholders. We work with organizations to help ensure proper systems and tools are in place to effectively monitor cash flow and liquidity, allowing them to better anticipate needs well in advance, communicate well with funders, and ensure the ability to raise capital.

Financial due diligence

Education organizations play a very important role in our communities and in society at large – it’s important that the management teams and boards responsible for financial decision making do so in a responsible, prudent way. These organizations also oftentimes attract outside funding and can become involved in large financial transactions. We work on behalf of teams on both sides of these transactions to run investigative analyses, identify key financial risks, and develop actionable risk mitigation measures.

Restructurings and turnarounds

Afton has worked with organizations to understand fiscal and operational impact of strategic planning scenarios, oftentimes amidst difficult decisions driven primarily by enrollment decline. From school closures and organization restructuring, to liquidity crises, to debt restructuring, we are here to partner in your organization’s strategic planning process.

Debt financing support

As education organizations grow and evolve, so do facilities needs. If your organization is considering addressing these needs by taking on new debt or refinancing existing debt, we help you understand what you can afford and how you can afford it. With most financing options comes new financial covenants and metrics that your organization must consider – our financial projections and scenario models drive recommendations and present options for levers you can pull to meet new targets.