Sustainability Planning

Whether your organization is in start-up, growth, stabilization, or decline, Afton provides financial expertise to ensure your resources are allocated in alignment with strategic priorities that are financially viable in the long-term.

Afton’s Sustainability Planning work cuts across all stages of an organization’s life cycle. From start-up planning for schools, networks, and districts, to strategic downsizing initiatives for areas experiencing enrollment decline, we focus on ensuring limited resources are used most effectively to meet student needs. Afton believes schools, districts, and charter networks should undertake long-term financial planning to strategically align financial resources with thoughtful academic change initiatives. Combining long-term financial planning with a robust annual budgeting cycle promotes the long-term sustainability of critical academic initiatives.

Our approach to planning is led by academics. We take the time to understand what your school, district, or network is seeking to accomplish, and build a customized plan in collaboration with Finance AND Academic personnel. Through this, we aim to bridge the divide between Academics and Finance & Operations that so often exists, to co-develop a plan for sustainable success.

Sustainability planning touches all phases of an education organization’s life cycle, and our customized approach will meet your unique context and needs. Sustainability planning include, but are not limited, to the following areas:

Areas of Expertise

Sustainability Planning

Applicant Readiness / Support

Afton has significant experience supporting large grant program funders and school authorizers, through development of application requirements, providing expert support for applicants, and evaluation of applicant submissions, ensuring that the dollars they are investing will benefit students for years to come. Afton is also available to assist applicants undergoing grant, authorization, or other processes, in development of strategic sustainability plans often required for applications.

Innovative School Models & New School Planning

Educators around the country are developing new and innovative approaches to teaching & learning. However, many struggle to understand the financial impact of their academic plans, including how to sustain and eventually scale their models to impact more students. Afton has extensive experience in developing sustainability plans for innovative school, network, and district leaders.

Long Term Financial Planning

While annual budgeting is commonplace in education organizations, long-term financial planning is not. Afton believes long-term financial planning is of critical importance to ensure the best use of limited resources. Afton engages with schools, districts, and networks to develop long-term planning capabilities, including user-friendly processes and models. This is particularly important for education organizations facing significant changes in enrollment.

Budget Development

While we promote long-term financial planning, Afton understands that smart, aligned annual budgets are a critical enabler to a smooth and successful academic year. We work with all levels of organizations to understand annual priorities, develop plans for strategic use of all funding sources, and coach decision-makers through difficult prioritization decisions to meet annual goals.