Recent Projects:

Illinois Equity & Access Workforce Commission

From 2021-2022, Afton facilitated the Governor’s Equity & Access Workforce Commission. The Commission’s charge is to create a vision for an equitable, accessible, and effective future state workforce system grounded in an understanding of user and stakeholder experience, including how racial, social, and geographic inequities inform experience and outcomes across Illinois’ federally and state-funded workforce programs. In alignment with this vision–and based on a stronger understanding of user and stakeholder experience–the Commission shall make recommendations for: key design enhancements/improvements to the state workforce system,​ the streamlining of state agencies, and ​the governance structure and state leadership needed for execution​.

To ensure the Commission fulfills its charge, Afton conducts project management services that carefully sequence discussion, activities, analyses, stakeholder engagement, and processes that drive towards the centering of jobseekers. Afton also conducts Commission and working group meeting facilitation services, develops all meeting materials, synthesizes data, coordinates with state agency staff, and engages in report writing. Our work, in partnership with MDRC, centers the jobseeker through a human-centered design process that aims to deeply understand current and future jobseeker needs and situations. The Commission expects to deliver its report to the Governor in June 2022.

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