Who We Are

We are a team of financial and analytical minds dedicated to improving America's public schools.

Our services enhance financial acumen within public school districts and charter schools and create an alignment between academic priorities and finance that is otherwise missing in public education.

We believe that forging this alignment between finance and academic priorities is the key to long term sustainability in public education and the improved public good.

Since 2011, Afton has worked on over 95 initiatives with public school districts, charter operators, state education agencies and education advocates, bringing a nationwide perspective to local situations. Because many of us at Afton have worked inside districts and charter operators in the past, we are not just consultants. We are pragmatic, and we approach our work with an appreciation for implementation.

Our Mission & Vision

Afton Partners’ mission is to support America’s public education organizations by aligning finance with organizational strategies – to sustain effective academic initiatives.

Afton Partners’ vision is that all of America’s public education organizations are using financial strategies, policies, and practices that sustain effective academic initiatives—allowing more students to succeed.

Core Beliefs

Public Education Spending

Public school funding inequities exist throughout our country. Afton believes that public resources should be allocated primarily based on student needs.

Financial Sustainability

Strategies to improve instruction and student outcomes are successful only when they can be sustained. Finance plays a key role as an enabler of sustainability, and Afton’s services provide a view on the fiscal impact of strategic initiatives as well as the long term financial realities of sustaining them.

School Choice

Afton works with all public school types - districts and charter schools alike. We believe in families having the ability to choose the school that is best for their children, boundaried by adequate funding, operational efficiency, equitable access and sufficient accountability. Ultimately, our financial advisory services are meant to support quality public schools of all types.

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