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Charter School Finance

Afton’s charter finance team is a group of passionate, dedicated collaborators with deep expertise in charter schools and financial planning and budgeting. Our services build charter network finance capacity and strategically inform organizational decision making.  

As the national leader in charter school financial services consultation, we are very familiar with a set of challenges that charter management organizations commonly face. We have worked with more than 70 networks of all sizes, from single-site operators just getting started to the largest charter school organizations in the country.  

We also know that charter schools are all unique. We honor that uniqueness by tailoring our services to align to your mission, goals, and context. We make sure the solutions we design will help set you up for short-term improvements and long-term sustainability.

Areas of Expertise

Charter School Finance

Multi-Year Financial Projections

  • Assess financial sustainability in growth planning  
  • Set philanthropic targets 
  • Analyze facility affordability and financing options

Cash Flow Projections and Liquidity Management

  • Stabilize short term cash flow  
  • Identify and pursue strategies toward longer term sustainability

Financial Sustainability Advisory Services

  • Evaluate and enhance operating systems and structures to achieve financial health and sustainability 
  • Use financial reporting and data to guide organizational decision-making 
  • Receive debt and operational restructuring advice 
  • Request better financing terms from their lending institution(s) 

Financial Capacity Review

  • Identify and prioritize initiatives that will build and strengthen financial operations’ capabilities and capacity

Board Financial Governance Training

  • Strengthen board practices and engagement 

Strategic CFO Advisory Services

  • Use financial reporting and data to inform organizational decision-making 
  • Align resource decisions with organizational priorities

CFO Coaching

  • Create a CFO development plan 
  • Support CFOs in meeting their goals and progressing in their identified competencies 

CFO Cohort Facilitation

  • Cultivate a support, development, and retention system for regional/state/local education finance leaders