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Recent Projects:

Federal Funding Preparation for States

What if we distributed funding through a child-centered perspective? And what if we used data to comprehensively and systemically distribute funding to regions across the state based on family and child needs? Afton is actively assisting states to plan for the use of potential increases in funding for child care and pre-kindergarten. Unlike the K-12 system across states — which often have robust funding allocation methods and ways to understand current funding as compared to needs — ECE systems do not. This is largely because ECE funding distribution has been focused on individually funding various programs, from preschool to Head Start to childcare subsidies to home visiting, among others — rather than funding for child needs. There is an opportunity to rethink state funding approaches to truly center equitably serving children and families. With a comprehensive understanding of where funding and high quality access is allocated today, we can better understand where future dollars are needed the most.

Our Insights

Previous drafts of federal legislation have the potential for dramatic change for American families. Affordable access to high-quality service could improve along with increases in pay to a significantly underpaid early childhood workforce.

Stats & Impact

Previous drafts of legislation pointed to $400 billion of funding across the country.