Over five years, Afton’s work has evolved from “nuts and bolts” financial operations support to the kind of work that is truly in line with our vision – aligning financial practices to effective academic strategies in America’s schools.

Through our work in states and school districts across the country, we identified eight key trends that are impacting K-12 public education finance as well as recommendations moving forward. You can read our report on navigating the fiscal landscape of today’s K-12 public education system, our analysis of the data, and what states, districts, and schools must do in order to create and sustain an effective educational system for the benefit of all children.

We value your expertise and it is our hope that this piece sparks a conversation among all stakeholders on the current fiscal landscape of our school system, thus spurring innovative solutions to financial issues plaguing public education.

Please join the conversation by sharing some suggested tweets below or add your reactions to the report and ideas for innovative strategies to improve the fiscal landscape for public education.

@aftonpartners analyzes fiscal trends impacting public schools in new report: Navigating K12 Finance https://bit.ly/2belKHF #edfinance

Navigating K12 #edfinance: An analysis of fiscal trends impacting education… Read: https://bit.ly/2belKHF How can finance support schools?

Please send us feedback directly on this report. Afton intends to update this report annually, as well as highlight successful strategies the industry has adopted to address some of the challenges identified. Stay tuned!